Hello there!

I'm Monica Carter Tagore, and I help you chase your star. And live with passion and boldness.

I help you tap into that special thing inside you, share it with the world, and shine.

I'm here to share inspiration and actionable information to help others tap into their inner spark, realize the significance of their lives, and to do something absolutely amazing in contribution to the world.

Specifically, the way I do that is by helping people write their books. MCT-circle I know how difficult some find writing a book to be. I've been fortunate that I don't have that problem. Books for me are blessed and while not always easy, certainly not the difficult, overwhelming tasks many feel them to be. As a result, I've authored or ghostwritten more than 45 books and have helped clients polish and publish many others. All told, I've produced hundreds of book and writing projects.

I help people write books that share their stories and touch the lives of others. Out of the 7 billion of us on this planet, the one unique thing about each of us, is our story. No two people, even if they are twins or were raised in the same household, have the same story. 

And it's by digging into your story, that you get to find your spark and chase your star. You get to find that special message, lesson, insight, idea, or expertise you've been placed here to share with others. When you properly tap into that special thing you have, as a result of the story you live, then you will undoubtedly make an impact.

And your light will shine.

I love helping people do just that.

I most often help people write books for business. That is because many of us come to business to do something meaningful, and sharing a bit of our stories or ideas in books related to those businesses is an incredibly important way of being able to reach and touch more lives. That is truly meaningful.

I help coaches, consultants, speakers, preachers, physicians, attorneys, leaders, and other small business owners and professionals write books to build their brands, grow their organizations, and position their expertise. 

All that I do is about helping you chase your star. Why? Because I believe your star is the guiding light that can lead to your greatness.

Greatness is not about perfection, but progression. And that's where your story comes in. You don't find the greatness in the pretty, easy parts of your story. But in the difficult parts. In the lessons learned, the blessings seen, and the messages gained. Greatness is about doing the best with what you’ve got, and somehow turning that into something special. Turn your mess into a message. What sucks into success. What’s less than ideal into your unique advantage.

When you bring out the greatness in your life, you can — no, will — make an impact in someone else’s life.

And while there are many ways for your greatness to show up, one way is by writing the book that you need to write to touch the lives you're meant to touch.

This is the work I help you do. I help you embrace your greatness, write your story, and shine.

If you'd like to know the six mistakes to avoid in telling your story, then get my free 30-minute audio training by clicking the box below. It's time for you to reach the people you need to reach. 



Write Your Book With A Simplified Process

It is said that most people have a book in them. But that's where it stays. Inside. If you are finally ready to write your book, then I can help. Our Author Grow book writing program walks you through the writing of your book.

Author Grow simplifies the process of writing your book, reducing the stress and overwhelm surrounding the process. With step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-understand modules that move you through the writing process, Author Grow gets you to the finish line. All in about 90 days! Yes, that is about three months, not the years and years many people take to write their books.

When you want to write a book to tell your story and help you in your business, ministry, or organization, then it's time for Author Grow.


Write Your Book With Personalized Help

For most people, the Author Grow book writing program will be just the solution to help get that book written! But for those who want hand-holding, with customized help, then the Author Grow Elite and Author Grow Leadership programs answer the call.

Author Grow Elite comes with all the offerings of Author Grow, plus phone calls with your book consultant, as well as a review of your manuscript, with suggestions for improvement.


Author Grow Leadership comes with all the offerings of Author Grow and Author Grow Elite, plus writing of original content such as articles and a piece of long-form content you can use in your marketing and branding, to grow your thought leadership.



Ready to chase your star? Send me an email.

It's time for you to embrace your greatness and do the work you've been placed here to do. Use your life's experiences and the knowledge you have gained to help others. 

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