HELLO THERE! I'M MONICA CARTER TAGORE. I work at the intersection of personal branding, publishing, personal development, and product creation to help you Unbox Your Brilliance.

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It's time for you to make a bigger impact. Get known for what you do, so you can do more of it.

Stronger: 31 Inspirational Messages to Get You Through That Tough Time is my latest book.

Life happens, even as you are going about your work doing what you do. You are writing your book. Building your brand. Making a valuable contribution. Touching lives.

But then, something goes wrong — terribly wrong. And suddenly, you aren't sure how you'll make it past that tough time.

I get it. I was right there! Which is why I wrote this book.

In the pages of this book, find the inspiration and hope to overcome what's standing in your way. You may be facing a tough time, and it may leave you a little battered and bruised, but it doesn't have to leave you beaten. Because you are Stronger.