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Hi, I’m Monica Carter Tagore, and I help you Chase Your Star — pursue your heart’s desire.  I help you claim your personal power and walk boldly, show up as your real self, and live your vision.

Specifically, I help small business owners, leaders, professionals, and people in ministry build their brands, write their books, and develop themselves into more of who they were created to be.

I do this because I believe we all are here for a reason, and when we put ourselves into boxes because of self-imposed limitations — or those we allow others to place on us — then nobody wins. We hide our light, don’t recognize our gifts, and lack the confidence to make the contribution we were created to make.

So my mission is to help you package your expertise, ideas, and skills in a way that shows off your brilliance. I do that through personal branding and personal development, as I help you dig into your personal story. You see, within your personal story is the gift you have to share. That gift may be a talent, skill, message, big idea, or bit of expertise. Whatever it is — and there may be more than one! — you shine when you use your gift to touch lives in a positive way.

And the only way some people will ever see or recognize your gift is if you package it properly into a dynamic personal brand. My belief is that a personal brand is an outward manifestation of who you are on the inside, so the best personal brands allow and empower you to grow who you are as a person.

Often, it takes courage to choose to increase your personal power and shine. It means being willing to stop playing small, to stop hiding behind the fear of rejection, success, or failure. It means being willing to step out and be judged.

I help you take courageous action and step up your game. I help you examine your story and craft it in a way that helps you in your business or career. Your brand is built around some element of that story. So is your book. And, so is your success.

Step out of the crowd and step into the space where you are meant to shine.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you build your brand, tell your story, or become more of the person you desire to be, apply for a free discovery session here. Or click one of the links below to learn about a particular option. Or just email me at and let me know where you need help.


Claim Your Personal Power

Gain the mindset and skills to walk boldly, be you, and live your vision

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Show the world who you really are, by packaging your expertise, skills, and ideas into a brand

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