I write, speak, and teach to help you Chase Your Star. 

I speak to help individuals break free from limiting beliefs and go for what makes them shine! I conduct keynotes, as well as present workshops.

I share personal branding and personal development insights and strategies to help audience members increase their personal power and tell their professional stories. In this way, I help them shine so they can enhance their own lives, but also the organizations for which they work. 

I also provide inspirational keynotes to help you build your brand around inspirational, positive, and enriching events.

In addition to in-person, live events, I also use digital technology so I can speak to your audience through webinars and other virtual events.

I help audiences large and small acquire the skills and the motivation they need to face the challenges in front of them — and shine.

Create an event that is a hit when you invite me to inspire and educate your audience. Your event attendees get relevant life and business content, inspiring ideas, and actionable takeaways. See the presentation topics beneath the pictures or inquire about booking me to speak at your event by sending an email to support@monicacartertagore.com. Please include what your event is about, the requested speaking date/time/location, and the requested speaking topic. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours with additional booking information.

Monica-Carter-Tagore-conducting-personal-development-workshopMonica-Carter-Tagore-speaking-to-audienceMonica Carter Tagore at speaking engagement


Presentations and Programs to Spark Creativity, Inspire Passion, and Drive Success

Ready for your audience to learn tools, tips, and strategies to grow in life and work? Choose from one of the following life and business success topics or suggest another. Each presentation is customized for your audience’s circumstances and needs.

Chase Your Star

Why try to blend in and be like everyone else when life has given you something special? You have brilliance the world needs to see. Your gifts, passions, and even pains are clues to your unique genius — your brilliance. If you don’t walk in that greatness, who will? If you don’t dare to fulfill the potential of your life, who will? If you don’t dare to do something bigger than your circumstances, who will? Most people settle for a mediocre to average life, where they don’t like their work, complain about their circumstances, and don’t know what to do differently. Aren’t you ready for something better? Aren’t you ready to truly start living? To do work you actually love? To get up each day excited? It’s time to use your story, gifts and talents, and message to touch lives and make the contribution you were created to make.

This presentation is a challenge to the status quo, a call to action, and an inspiration to tap into your potential for an amazing life.

Chase Your Star: Build a Remarkable, One-of-a-Kind Brand Around You

You have a brand. Everyone does. But are you leveraging your brand in the best possible way to create a special business? It’s time to step out of the bland reality of the ho-hum, so-so business and infuse it with what’s special about you. Most of your competitors are too busy trying to look like everyone else. You can be different. Lend your personal brand to your business to create a remarkable, One-of-a-Kind brand for your service business. Your customers and clients want to see you. If you are asking people to trust you, to do business with you, then you need to show them who you are. Learn key strategies for letting your personal brand add the spark to your business so you stand out among all the others offering similar services as you.

You don’t have to be the only one offering the services you do, but you must be One-of-a-Kind if you want to capture the attention of those you most want to sell to and serve.

Chase Your Star: Succeed Under Pressure

We all experience challenges in life and business. The difference between people who succeed despite — or because of — the tough times and those who don’t is in what they take from the experiences. Life may be beating you up, but you’ve still got to perform at work. Don’t let the frustration, hurt, and pain of a setback keep you back. Learn how to thrive in your business, organization, or career, even when you are going through a rough period.  Learn insights, tools, tips, and strategies to keep you grounded, motivated, and moving forward in life and business.

Personal Branding In Today’s Digital Age

Today, there is little difference between our personal and professional lives. Our personal lives bleed over into our professional lives, and vice versa. Rather than work in vain to keep them separate, let this fact of life work in your favor. Learn how to build a strong personal brand that tells your professional story and helps you stand out. Learn how to use social media and technology to build your online reputation around your digital footprint so you shine. Merge personal and professional in a seamless way to represent yourself and your organization brilliantly.

Personal branding is no longer simply marketing speak; it is the career advancement tool for smart business owners and professionals. And those who don’t know how to do it can find they get left out of the conversation when hiring, promotion, and other discussions take place.


Inquire about booking me to speak at your event by sending an email to support@monicacartertagore.com with your event details, including what your event is about, requested presentation date/time/location, and requested speaking topic. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours with additional booking information.

What Others Are Saying About Monica Carter Tagore’s Workshops, Keynotes, and Other Presentations

“Great, interactive conversation ― involved everybody. Monica is a warm, exciting, engaging speaker. She really does preach the power of possibility.”
― Liz Bates, Armstrong Atlantic State University

“I really learned a lot about marketing and reaching your target audience and staying focused.” ― Sean Simms

“Captivating and motivating are just a few words to describe Monica Carter’s dynamic speaking skills. The audience was richly blessed by her words of wisdom.”
― Cedar Hill Outreach Women’s Conference

“It helped me think more about my long-term goals instead of just the short-term goals.”
― Cara Clarke, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

“Monica Carter was a guest speaker for the Shreveport-Bossier Attraction Association. She was thought provoking and charming, funny and provocative.”
― Brandy Evans, VP of communications, Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

“It encouraged me to keep focused on my goal to be a nurse.”
― Kim Hutchins, nontraditional student returning to school at 45

“This presentation has helped me find my greatness. It helped me to be more confident and face my fears. ”
― Genoria Terry, Hinds Community College

“Thanks! You jogged me out of a ‘stuck place.’” ― Phyllis Barrington

“She’s the best graduation speaker our school has ever had! Her message not only entertained the students but delivered a powerful message of hope and inspiration for their future professional success.”
― Antonelli College

“Inspired! I am going to try more and harder!”
― Ken Howard

“Very inspiring and educational. I’m interested in attending again.”
― Wanda Smith

“I came in with no knowledge of what it takes to get a work published. After this workshop, I feel I have a wealth of knowledge!”
― Cindy Manning

“It was well timed and full of great and useful information. The handouts will come in handy.”
― Imani Hollins

“Very informative!”
― Michelle Alexander

“The presentation was very helpful and enlightening. It made me really excited about continuing my education.”
― Valarie Sublatura, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

“It was wonderful, informative, and needs no improvement.”
― Nanthalia McJamerson

“It has given me a spark to get going!”
― Judy Killian

“I’ve learned a great deal on how to market.”
― Denise Sumotzy

“Workshop was great!”
― Valarie White

Inquire about booking Monica Carter Tagore to speak at your event here.

Here is a list of some of her clients and organizations where she has spoken:

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Athena Awards

Shreveport-Bossier Attraction Association

Cedar Hill Outreach Women’s Conference

Texas A & M University Corpus Christi

Ladies Workout Express

Louisiana State University at Shreveport

Wiley College

Northwestern State University

Office of Addictive Disorders

Job Corps

Hinds Community College

Bossier Parish Community College

Antonelli College

Southern University at Shreveport

Louisiana Technical College, Shreveport

Bienville High School

Turning Point Mission Center

Mary Springhill AME Church

New Bethel Baptist Church