The following is a poem I wrote to remind you of your life’s truth. You are here for more. Don’t let anyone else, or your own doubts, tell you otherwise. Write your book. Build your brand. Start speaking. Create your programs. Develop your products. Touch lives.

 Chase Your Star

Go for your heart’s desire in this whirling journey called life

Take pains to live your way, otherwise you’ll be filled with strife

Too many will try to steal your joy,

Rob you of your dream

Make it about them

If you take heed and are keen


But your heart’s desire is for you and is the compass that guides

Follow it and the mirror will see the joy in your eyes

It won’t be easy, though

And you’ll stumble along the way

Mistakes will abound but

Following your heart will brighten your day


In every heart is the knowledge that you are meant for more than a little

Yet doubt pushes for a life stuck in the middle

In the middle of not too good and not too bad, but never taking a chance

And so the dream slowly dies

Before you know it

You’ve lived a life of lies


Your heart’s desire is a dream of putting goodness into the world

This is your gift to use, a gem, a pearl

No heart has been created without a good intention therein

But every day, hearts stop beating

And the work left undone

Because the heart didn’t do the leading


Instead convention and doubt and worry and fear were the forces that won

Doing what everyone else was doing, never stepping out to be the star like the sun

To make a change and do something real

And not fall to fate

Of the inconsequential and unremarkable

Where your days were marked by the absence of great


That’s no way to live and you’ll only hurt yourself in time

With burying your dreams and becoming blind

To who you could have been

Knowing deep inside in every unfulfilled dream

Is the doubt that steals your truth

And leaves you bitter and mean


You don’t want to lie on that too soon arriving bed

With the call unheeded, the dream dead

Wondering why you never lived your truth

Or took your chance to be

Someone who refused being held to the ground

By leaden feet


It’s not too late if you’re willing to take a chance

To listen to your heart and trust life is leading you to advance

To do something that matters and touches others too

That you’ve been given a gift

Something to use

To share, to uplift    


You’ve got to Chase Your Star and live your life

You’ve got to aim for the sky and take flight

You’ve got to go for what lights you up

When darkness is all around

Because you know you are meant for more

In this whirling life where leaden feet abound

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Monica Carter Tagore

Monica Carter Tagore is an author, speaker, and life and business coach.

She is the host of the Chase Your Star with Monica Carter Tagore podcast, an online show on life strategy, personal growth, and entrepreneurship, available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spreaker.

Monica is the author of several books, including her most recent, "Stronger: 31 Inspirational Messages to Get You Through That Tough Time."

She helps entrepreneurs and professionals gain the mindset and skills for success. She also helps them build brands.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two boys.