Chase Your Star personal branding, visibility, and personal development services

If you want people to buy from you, they must first buy into you.

Many people offer the same service as you do. So how do you stand out?

You stand out when you show up as your courageous self. After all, while you may offer a service similar to lots of others in your industry, you bring something special, because of your unique set of skills, perspective, and experience. And while you know this, and maybe a few other people, if we’re honest, not nearly enough of the right people know this.

And that’s where personal branding and personal development come in. Personal branding is what helps you rise above the competition. It lets you show off your courageous self, in a way that resonates with those who need what you offer. Courageous, because you’ve got to be willing to stand out as different, based on the unique mix of gifts you have. Not everyone is willing to stand out. But when I help you take courageous action, you will make the leap. As for personal development, well that gives you the confidence, skills, and mindset to stretch yourself and go for that big vision you have.

I offer personal branding to help entrepreneurs and professionals take courageous action to stand out for the work they do and get known. That means building a personal brand that shows off how great you are and how good you are at what you do. Without apology, and without shrinking into the background.

I believe the best personal brands are authentic and true reflections of what is on the inside, and so I offer personal development resources to help you become that best version of yourself, so your brand puts that on courageous display.

I help in three ways:

Done-for-you personal branding services

I provide done-for-you personal branding services where I discuss with you your goals and vision. This is a collaboration where I then create and execute the personal branding strategy based on those goals and that vision. I create the brand-building assets, such as websites, books and ebooks, programs, etc., based on your expertise and what is true to you, and implement the strategy around those assets, so you can focus on what you do best — running your business — and have the confidence to know you’re building a brand that supports your aims. Learn more here.

Personal branding coaching

Another way I help is that I teach you how to build your own personal brand. I offer the Magnetic Visibility Coaching Program to guide you through developing and building your personal brand to increase your business and career opportunities. The four-month program is now closed. But get on the waiting list to hear about the next session here.

Personal development courses, workshops, books, and programs

The other way I help is through my personal development offerings. I offer courses, workshops, books, and programs to help you maximize your potential. My resources help you build confidence, development a winning mindset, and acquire the soft skills to take your brand higher. Learn more here.

If you want to learn how to shine using your gifts, visit Chase Your Star and let me help you get noticed.