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Stronger: 31 Inspirational Messages to Get You Through That Tough Time

Struggling to make it past what’s right in front of you?

Nobody gets out of life without experiencing some kind of challenge or hard time. But a tough time doesn’t have to be the end of hope. Whether you are facing a serious illness, business setback, breakup of an important relationship, or some other challenge, seeing hope in your situation can pull you through.

In Stronger, Monica Carter Tagore shares encouragement to see you through your doubt, fear, and anxiety.

These inspirational messages can give you the power to overcome your challenges, create a new reality, and yes, even change your life. Discover your inner strength. Yes, your inner strength. It is there, ready to pull you through. But you may not ever experience or realize your own strength, if you don’t take inspired action. The action activities in this book help you to take decisive steps to move past the dark time, negative emotions, and hopelessness you may be feeling.

You may be in the midst of a challenge right now, but there is hope.

It’s possible to get past this.

Because you are stronger than you know.

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101 Easy Ways to Live Better: Life Strategies for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Are you sacrificing too much of today for what you hope tomorrow brings?

If you are busy working to build a career or business, it’s quite possible you are neglecting important areas of your life right now. You’re on your grind, working 12 to 18 hours a day. You’re putting everything into your work. It’s draining you, and you’re paying for it in some way — broken relationships, suffering health, lack of enjoyment of life. In fact, if you’re honest with yourself, you know you’re not really living right now. You’re sacrificing today, because of what you hope is a big payoff tomorrow.

If that is the case, then it’s time to figure out some easy ways you can live a better life today, even as you build a future. No longer must you sacrifice your health, relationships, and enjoyment while you push hard to build your business or career.

In 101 Easy Ways to Live Better, Monica Carter Tagore shares simple changes you can make immediately to get more life out of your days. Yes, build your business of the future. But live your life today.

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Connect and Conquer: Fire Up Your Relationship Skills for Big Success

Are you likable?

It may not sound fair, but most people get work and get ahead because they are more likable than others. They are admired and trusted by their superiors, peers, and clients. And they get invited everywhere, which helps them make all the right connections.

This book contains key relationship-building techniques that can help you drastically change your life. Learn ready-to-use lessons that will help you compete at a level you once thought impossible.

In this book, learn:

  • Why relationships matter and how they can transform your business life
  • The attitude and values you need for successful business relationships
  • How to seek out and cultivate strategic relationships with influencers and movers and shakers
  • How to inspire trust and likeability — online and offline
  • How to use social media to encourage relationship-building
  • Where to look for relationships that can help you grow
  • How to break free from geographic constraints and get clients from anywhere
  • More

So, are you ready to connect & conquer?

You don’t have to live by the frustrating networking strategies of the past. Learn how to present yourself in an authentic and professional way online and offline, so you attract your target clients and relationships.

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Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets.

The key reason most people don’t reach their dreams isn’t because they don’t want to. They just don’t know how.

Entrepreneur and author Monica Carter Tagore shares tools, tips and strategies to help you get from where you are to where you want to be in Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business and Financial Targets. This is a book for people who are ready to make personal, professional and financial changes in their lives; people who are ready to take a chance on something big; people who need a bit of help coming up with a plan to finally make their dreams come together.

In this book you will learn how to:
1) Create a plan for success using a proven formula
2) Get clear about your hopes, goals, and dreams
3) Develop the mindset to face tough times

Plus, in this book you will get advice and insight from entrepreneurs, authors, and others who are at the top of their game. Notables include:
1) Emmy award winning author, filmmaker and illustrator William Joyce
2) Internationally known motivational speaker Les Brown
3) Multimillionaire businesswoman and philanthropist Dr. Deavra Daughtry
4) Bestselling author and consultant Judy Pace Christie
. . . and more

Get ready to achieve your goals and live your dream when you apply the life-changing strategies contained in the 23 chapters of Zoom Power: Your Key to Hitting Your Personal, Business, and Financial Targets.

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The Easy Guide to Getting Your Book Published


Publishing has skyrocketed over the past several years, and with it, questions. Whether you are just thinking about publishing your book or you’ve already published one and looking for the best way to publish your next, this guide can help. Written by author Monica Carter Tagore, who runs a life and business book ghostwriting and design company, this book is a succinct explanation of your publishing options. Learn the difference between the publishing options you are considering, as well as pointers for self-publishing.

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