Book Coaching

Elite Book Coaching Program

This is a three-month program that is designed to help you to successfully write your book. We walk you through the writing process, from planning to story development. This program is especially for individuals who want to share their story in a powerful way.

Knowing what to share and how can be confusing.

Everyone has a story to tell. But crafting it into a story to sell can be a challenge that can lead to a project that stretches on for years and years, or stalls and stops altogether. Many people take years and years to write their books. Some never quite finish. All told, that is a lot of wasted time and opportunity. They have stories that need to be told, but they lack the skills and knowledge to actually tell them. And so they end up frustrated and disappointed.

If you have been working on your book for way too long and it’s still not done, or you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t started, then this program just may be the resource for you. I have authored or ghostwritten more than 45 books and have edited even more. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly of book writing and know what works. My clients have been able to use their books to launch and grow their businesses, speaking careers, and more. They have used their books to raise money for causes, raise their visibility to run for public office, and more. Above all, they’ve been able to tell their stories and touch lives.

Getting the guidance of a professional to help you separate the great from the good (or downright bad), can propel you forward. It can get you unstuck and finally moving to a successful book writing experience.

If you want to share your story and use it in your business or career, to touch lives, teach lessons, and inspire, then this program can help. Your book may be the piece that’s been missing from your business or career activities. The right book can help to build your brand, attract to you opportunities, and put money in your pocket.

What can the right book do for you?

Your coaching program will cover:

  • Discussion of purpose of the book and why you are writing it
  • Figuring out the book’s audience. Knowing for whom you are writing will influence how you write, and even the stories you include. If you skip this step, you could write a book for the wrong audience and struggle for sales.
  • Simple structures for writing your book in a timely manner (Yes, as quickly as 90 days!)
  • Story organization and development
  • How to craft a book in a way that inspires action (You will learn about necessary elements to include before your book goes to print)
  • Publishing a book to build a business around it, or to grow a business or career

What’s included:

  • One-hour coaching call per month, discussing specific elements of your book writing process.
  • Unlimited email support, so you are free to ask any number of questions via email as you walk through the writing process. You can even send me your work to review!
  • Periodic emails on various aspects of the writing and publishing process, to teach you along the way and walk you through to a successful publishing experience.

Rate: $1,500.

Pay in full upfront and get a 10 percent discount. In that case, you make one payment of $1,350. Or pay in three monthly installments of $500.

Are you finally ready for a successful book writing experience?

Are you tired of the starting and stopping, and the frustration of delaying your project? There are people who can be blessed by your story and who can benefit from what you have to say. You have been through something in life. You have learned something. And because of that, your book needs to get written and out to those who need it. But it can’t do that, if you don’t move.

It’s time to get serious about your book. And write it.

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