Innovative Program Helps You Write Your Book In About 90 Days: Move Past The Confusion, Overwhelm, And Stress You May Be Experiencing

Let Author Grow walk you through the writing of your book using a simplified, easy-to-follow-six-step process.

You Know You Need To Write A Book. You Know Just What It Could Mean For Your Life And Work.

  • Better clients
  • More opportunities
  • Stronger branding
  • Ability to touch more lives
  • Fulfillment
  • More revenue
  • Help and hope for others
  • Much more

But You've Not Quite Gotten It Done.

To be honest, the project has been hanging over your head. You've started and stopped. Started and stopped. You've tried to make it happen, but that hasn't worked.

Or maybe you've been thinking about it, but you've not actually started, because just the thought of it feels too much. You think of all you have to do, of all the unanswered questions, of all the time you'd need to set aside.

And so you just do other things. Everything but work on your book.




Now, You Know You Can No Longer Put This Off. It's Time.

You need the book to get to the next level of what you need to do in life. You need to share your story. You need to help people. You need to build your brand. You need to grow your business.

So much of what you need to do hinges on writing this book.

Hi, I'm Monica Carter Tagore. And I'm Here To Help.

Author Grow is the program I have created to guide you through the writing of your book over the course of a few weeks — about 90 days.

As someone who has ghostwritten or authored more than 45 books and who has helped many more get published, I know just how important a book can be. It can help you fulfill personal and professional goals. It can help position your expertise. It can establish you as an expert. It can get you better speaking engagements. It can help you touch lives in a powerful way.

But only if you actually write it.

I know many people struggle with writing their nonfiction books. They don't know what to do, how to do it, or even where to go for help. I get that. And that is why I finally decided to share my knowledge by turning it into an easy-to-follow program to walk you through the writing of your book.

You no longer have to struggle with writing your book. You no longer have to dread sitting down in front of the computer. You no longer have to struggle with finding the time to get it done.

Now, in Author Grow, I've addressed the painful barriers that stand in the way of getting a book done, like:

Planning — finding a winning topic, wondering what to include in your book and how

Organization — using a structure that makes the writing process simpler and makes reading easier

Specialness — figuring out how to write your book in a way that isn't the same as what is already out there, but is unique, even if the topic is one that has been covered many times before

Time — finding the time to actually write!

Confidence — writing the book with the understanding that you will create value


Your story has value. But you must share it in the right way, to be able to turn your experiences into something that does mean something. It's not enough just to have gone through something. Everybody goes through something. People have their own drama, tough times, and challenges. They don't need to read yours. But if you can draw from your experiences the lessons, blessings, messages, and big ideas to help others, well, then, somebody would definitely want to read that.

When you write a book like that, you get to make a difference. And much more.



I've Created The Program To Help You Write Your Book, But Only You Can Decide To Accept The Help And Move Forward.

In Author Grow, I pour into it everything you need to know to write your book in a short period of time. You learn about what to consider, even before you write the first word. You find out what to include in the book to get your reader to take action. You discover how to write a one-of-a-kind book, even if it's on a topic many others have written about. You get the structure to easily organize your book so it makes sense and you don't have to struggle with figuring out what goes where. You learn how to improve the quality once that first draft is written. And you even get answers to help you figure out the best publishing option for you.

In fact, here is the program, broken out into six easy-to-follow modules:

Author Grow Walks You Through The Writing of Your Book In Six Easy-to-Follow Modules...

  • Writing to sell. Deciding you want to write a book is an essential first step. But from there, it's important to determine why you're writing the book, who it is you want to reach, what you want to accomplish with the book, and what you want your reader to do as a result of reading the book. This module is the essential first step that most authors skip because they don't know about it. In this module, you will answer these questions, to ensure you are indeed producing the best book to meet your needs right now. This module is about making sure you are writing a book that can actually sell.
  • Content planning for success. Now that you know the book you need to write at this time, what does it need to include? This module is all about helping you to identify your signature message and the content your reader needs to know. You have lots to say and know so much, but not everything can — or should — go into this book. For your book to be successful, it needs to have one clear signature message and great supporting content. This module helps you sift through the great ideas you have and settle on the signature message and content for this book. In this module, we take a deep dive into your expertise and determine what you already know and want to share. This module is a key cornerstone module that helps ensure you are producing a focused, content-rich book that has value. This module helps make sure you hit the mark and deliver for your reader. If you have been overwhelmed by how to organize your book, this module eases that stress and gives you clarity.
  • Writing the book that only you can write. This module builds on what we did in Module 2. Now comes the time of producing the content that only you can produce. We start with addressing two key issues that stall many book projects: structure and time. This module provides the all-important structure for writing your book quickly and efficiently, and in a way that makes sense to your reader. This module also provides the time management and time saving tools and suggestions to help you produce more in less time. In fact, this module will provide the productivity secrets to help you use the right technology to produce your book without much writing on your part, if it's the writing that scares you. Once the problems of structure and time are addressed, this module will focus on your signature content. This module will draw on those stories, experiences, and examples that are unique to you and that add your unique flavor to this book. You may be writing a book on a topic that many have tackled, but this module helps you make the book special and unique to you.
  • Refining the work. In this module, it's all about quality. We've gotten the bones of the book down and much of the content. Now, we want to give some attention to how the book flows and other details. This module helps ensure we are working on quality. We're not just interested in producing a book. We want to produce one we can be proud of! This module is about refining the work we've done so we can have the great content, which is the foundation of a great book.
  • Finishing the book.  In this module, we pull together the pieces of all that we have produced and add some key finishing touches to make your book pop. And we get ready for publication! This module draws on the first four modules, and helps you to get the first glimpse of that completed book manuscript. Each module has been building to this point. This key module helps you see the book take shape and gives you the confidence that your book can actually be ready for publication in a short period of time. In this module, you complete your book writing experience and give yourself  a big hi-five for getting that professional book written!
  • BONUS MODULE. Congratulations! You've written your book. Answers to common publishing questions. Now that you've written your book, you might have questions about how to publish it. In this extra module, it's all about the next steps, once the book has been written. This module addresses production and publishing questions, as well as helps you evaluate your publishing options to choose the best one for you. Wonder if you want to self-publish or go for a traditional publisher? Wonder if you want to publish a print book or an ebook? Want to know if you should get thousands of books printed or go the print-on-demand route? This module answers questions related to producing and publishing your book. This module helps you top off your book writing with answers so you have a professionally produced book that helps you in your business, career, or life.

Check Out What My Clients Say

We have helped many clients find success as authors. Our ghostwriting, editing, and book production work at RootSky Books has allowed us to help business owners, professionals, people in ministry, and others with messages and knowledge take their work to a wider audience.

RootSky Books was great! My book was amazing and the publishing process was a dream. I didn’t lift a finger. I’m sure you will be pleased with their patience and professionalism.
Rodney Demery

Rodney Demery
Rodney Demery Author and Detective

RootSky Books helped turn my dream into reality. I was guided through the process of separating the poor material from the good — as well as the exceptional from the good. Probing questions and analyses helped create a message stronger and clearer than what I had hoped and expected. I can truly recommend RootSky Books for those who want to make a difference.

Lee Byberg
Lee Byberg COO/CFO Rivendell Worldview Education

Working with Monica was unbelievably easy and fun. She and her firm take all the drudgery out of book publishing. They help you every step of the way, and for a busy person like me, I needed the help. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Sheron Patterson
Dr. Sheron Patterson Author and Speaker

Enroll In The Program Today And Finally Write Your Book

Get the expert insight, guidance, and help you need to finally turn your ideas, knowledge, and wisdom into a professional book. Monica Carter Tagore, a former newspaper editor and bestselling author and her husband, Anubhav Tagore, run RootSky Books.  Through their company, they have helped a variety of small business owners, people in ministry, leaders, and others become published authors. In Author Grow, they help you smartly and professionally write your book in a few months. You'll have access to a listening library of audio training, as well as email support you can use anytime over the course of the program.



Participate in Author Grow for up to 14 days, and if you don’t see progress on your book, we’ll refund your money.

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We want to help you finally write your book. We’ve designed this program to help you turn your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise into a book. Participate in Author Grow for up to 14 days, and if you don’t see progress on your book, we’ll refund your money. We know this system works. So we require completed exercises and assignments from all available modules before we process your refund. Simply send us the completed exercises and assignments within 14 days of receiving the first module and we will process your refund. Why do we require the completed exercises and assignments? Because we know what we are teaching works. If you do the work, you will get the results. If you do the work and don’t get the results, then we are happy to give your money back. You have nothing to lose — except the frustration and disappointment you’ve been living with. If the program doesn’t work for you, you get your money back. And if it does work for you, then you get the book you've been wanting and needing to author. Sounds good, right?

Author Grow provides the guidance and support to help you finally write your book.

Here is what you get:

  • Detailed modules to simplify the process of writing your book
  • 6 easy-to-follow action guides in PDF format (The action guides are the key pieces of each module)
  • Supplemental content in each module, such as an audio file to listen to while you commute, work out, etc., worksheets, or some other useful content
  • Access to the RootSky Books / team to help you through your book process
  • Listening library of audio training recordings
  • Advice on using the right technology to reduce amount of writing and increase productivity and efficiency in book writing
  • Periodic emails from Monica Carter Tagore to inspire, empower, and equip you to complete your book
  • Ongoing email support throughout the program

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Blockbuster Book is our marketing program to help you successfully market your book for greater sales and authority. Blockbuster Book is a three-module program that helps you attract fans and clients, boost your influence and authority with your book, and earn more money from your book.

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We are invested in helping you succeed.

Stop Sitting On The Sidelines And Get Into The Game. It's Time To Play Bigger. It's Time To Write Your Book.

Whatever has been holding you back, can no longer be a barrier. Author Grow makes the process easy with simple instructions, productivity and time-saving tips, and even a way for you to write the book, without doing a whole lot of actual writing, if you don't want to. Yes, we've made writing your book as easy as possible, based on our years of experience of helping clients with books. We've created the program to help you finally get this book done. All that's left is your decision to finally make it happen.

Yes, you run a business or are managing a career. Yes, you have a family. Yes, you have a life. And yes, this book must get written. There will never be a perfect time, but there is no better time than now.

If you've been hanging back, not letting your light shine and watching others go for big things, it's time for you to stand up. Stop playing small. You know you were meant to do more. To touch more lives. To help more people. To build a better brand, career, or business.

It's time to grow your impact and influence, through your book. It's time for you to help others grow, through the message, lessons, and blessings you share in your story. In fact, what would it mean for you to finally share your message, your expertise, your ideas with those who need to hear what you have to say? How would it help you ... and how would it help them?

You've traveled a road that has brought you certain lessons, knowledge, and wisdom you didn't have before. Those lessons, that knowledge, and that wisdom all combine to give you unique expertise to help someone else. You faced and beat that health issue. You made it through that divorce. You mastered a certain skill. You have developed a system or blueprint that works. You are using this knowledge in your career or business or on a limited scale in your life. It's time to share it with a wider audience, through your book.

Someone needs the help you can provide in your story and in your book. You can help someone deal with a tough issue, transform his or her life, figure out the answer to a tough question, learn better coping skills, or do something else of value.

Isn't it time to take your life's journey thus far, and turn it into your life's work at this time?

Get the book done. Share your signature message and knowledge. Now.


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