The quick version

I am an author, speaker, and life and business coach. I help you pursue your heart’s desire and shine. I help you package your expertise, ideas, talents, skills, and experiences into a brand — website, books, programs and products, digital strategy, and more —  and stand out.

I am the author of several books, including my most recent, Stronger: 31 Inspirational Messages to Get You Through That Tough Time.

I regularly serve up inspiration and interviews in my podcast, Chase Your Star with Monica Carter Tagore, as well as in the Chase Your Star Facebook group.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two boys.


Naturally, there is more to me than that. So if you have time, grab some tea, pull up a seat,  and put up your feet.

Here’s my story.

The detailed version

I have been a writer as long as I can remember. First, scribbling the requisite school projects, and later, as a professional. I found some recognition along the way, even as early as elementary school, where I won an essay contest or two. And later, when I became a newspaper journalist, a handful of awards followed. Mind you, not so many that I became full of myself. Just enough to give me confidence before I developed it on my own.

I have always sought to use my gift of writing to inspire and help others — even with my early books, novels, though at the time I don’t think I realized this was my intention. I just thought it was about writing. It’s only now, looking back, that I see the thread of inspiration that wove through my work then, as it continues to weave through it today.

Then, I wrote stories about flawed characters who found a way to redeem themselves. In this, I sought to bring joy to my readers as they got a brief break from their own lives by diving into the lives of my characters.

As a newspaper journalist, I wrote many projects over the years, including a weekly column where I let readers take a peek into my life. It was one of the most popular features in the paper, and the editor asked me to continue writing it even after I turned in my resignation to go off and run my own writing business.

Writing became a tool to help others get noticed, connect, and touch lives

I did write the column for a few more years, and as I grew my business, I realized something: I was no longer simply a writer or editor. I had somehow become a consultant or strategist who was helping clients turn their experiences, ideas, and expertise into help, hope, and inspiration for others.

I had become someone clients turned to when they wanted to grow in life or business. They wanted my help in packaging their expertise and ideas in a way that got them noticed.

Many clients were able to go on and see benefit from this help with their books, branding, and marketing. One landed a deal to star in his own true crime show on a major network. Another sold more than 10,000 books in just a couple of months. A couple others won elected office. Some raised money for causes, became speakers, and in other ways became known for their ideas and expertise.

Because many of my clients were writing books based on their stories, there was a heavy dose of personal development in my work. I often asked clients penetrating questions to help them identify the growth they were having as a result of the experiences they were writing about. Often, our conversations were their first occasions of truly examining their experiences and the growth that came. Our talks became tools of self-discovery, as these clients realized their experiences had been catalysts for more growth than they at first thought.

Over the years, I learned a lot about personal development from my conversations with clients, as well as from the study and work I was doing in my own life. Personal development was an interesting thread throughout all the client projects that dealt with transformation in some way. I found that there could be no personal transformation, without personal development.

This winding path, from hopeful student to award-winning journalist, to freelance writer and editor, to personal branding coach and personal development mentor has all been steeped in words, yes, but in something more: the power of the individual to do the amazing.

I believe each of us is capable of doing a work that can make a contribution in the world. That work most likely is in the area of one’s gift, as I believe life gives each of us at least one. In fact, the certainty that each of us has at least one gift is one of my core beliefs.

For many, that gift is the expertise or knowledge shared as a result of their story.

I have been blessed to help clients discover the gifts that have been wrapped in their stories, and to share those in a way that resonates with those they seek to reach. In this, I help them chase their star and pursue what lights them up.

Great work doesn’t speak for itself; it needs a brand

My work happens at the intersection of publishing, personal branding, personal development, and product creation in an alchemy that produces results. I help clients find the nuggets of personal growth that happen as a result of the lives they live and share those in books, programs, and other products. I help them turn their experiences into personal brands that speak to their expertise and ideas.

For clients who have been working too long and too hard without real acknowledgment, I help them to finally showcase their capabilities and knowledge in a way that helps them get more attention. That often means building a website, developing a digital strategy for how best to use social media, creating an online course or coaching program, and putting in place a content strategy to leverage their expertise. This work helps to finally get them the notice that has eluded them before. After all, being the best-kept secret is no way to be, not when you have a gift.

I was fortunate in winning awards, because those awards helped me to be seen as the writer I am and to attract opportunities. They were helping me build my personal brand, though I was years away from knowing what a personal brand was. I even landed three promotions in about 18 months when I was at the newspaper, though I did not apply for a single one.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t usually happen, especially these days. Opportunities aren’t going to come looking for you.  No matter how good your work is.

You see, there may have been a time when good work spoke for itself. But that day is long gone. I know. Despite my success as a writer, I had to start over when I went off to build a writing business. I struggled in those early years, as I thought my good work was enough.

It wasn’t. I had to find a way to reach those who could benefit from that work. I had to communicate my value in a way that got noticed. I had to package my brilliance for business. And that brought success in attracting clients and opportunities.

I see clients who have been challenged in the same way. They have been doing great work, but it’s not gotten them as far as they would have imagined. They realized somewhere along the way, that great work needs the help of great words. And so they come to me, for help in articulating what they do in a way that helps them rise.

My gift of writing, paired with my understanding of business strategy and knowledge of human potential, gives me the ability to help entrepreneurs and professionals identify that special thing about them, package it, and stand out from the competition. I help them get out from under the cloud of being the best-kept secret.

I help them shine.

How to reach me

If you are ready to Chase Your Star and package your expertise, ideas, and knowledge into a brand that helps you turn your gift into impact and income, we should talk. You can reach me via email at monica@monicacartertagore.com or follow me on Twitter. Or like my page on Facebook.

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