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I am Monica Carter Tagore.

I am here to help you pursue your heart’s desire and shine. It’s time to walk boldly in your calling, be more of who you were created to be, and live out your vision. And while you may feel a restlessness to truly do that, you may be holding back. Well, I want to help you take courageous action to move forward in doing the thing you know you were placed here to do.

There are two ways I help: personal development and personal branding. Personal development helps you acquire the mindset and skills to live the life you truly desire and to do the work you feel you were placed here to do. Personal branding helps you get known for what you do. I help you package your unique mix of talents, skills, and expertise into what others need and communicate about it in a way they understand. Your idea doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s and the value you bring into the world doesn’t have to be for everybody. And that is quite fine.

Own your space and walk boldly in who you feel life has called you to be. The work we’re doing here is about helping you claim your personal power and show up brilliantly.

The world is waiting for you.

And how you choose to pursue your heart’s desire.

… You ready to do this?

Claim Your Power

Live With Boldness

With a second chance at life after fighting breast cancer, I am all about bold living and doing what you feel called to do. I do that in my own life, through this site and others, and I seek to inspire, empower, and equip you to do it in your life. Life is short and there is no time to waste. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines in your own life, say: No more. Take charge of your life and dreams and become the hero of your own story. I speak and conduct training programs and workshops around the theme of Chase Your Star; pursue your heart’s desire.

Write Your Book

Claiming your power might very well mean telling your story. Own your life and share lessons and ideas from it to help others. I help you share your personal story, so you connect with your audience through authenticity, and increase your credibility as you share how you developed your expertise, ideas, and skills. Sharing your story doesn’t have to be intimidating, and it doesn’t have to mean working on a book for 10 years — or even a year. Your story is unique. Others may have had similar experiences as you, or have similar ideas, but nobody has your story. Own it.

Build Your Brand

Your brand is the key to standing out for the work you feel called to do. If you don’t have a brand, then it’s difficult to communicate the value of what you do. And it’s difficult to get paid what your offering is worth, because all you have to compete on is price — and how low you will go. Clearly, that’s a losing situation. And that’s why you want to build a brand around what you do. I help you package your special work into a brand that stands out and gets you paid. I help you create your website, social media and digital strategy, content such as articles, ebooks, etc., all to build your brand and shine.

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Chase Your Star … Pursue Your Heart’s Desire and Shine!

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Get Started On Your Beautiful Brand


In the midst of living your big, bold life and pursuing your heart’s desire, you’ll face some challenge. It may be a rejection you didn’t see coming. It may be a workplace setback that catches you unawares. It may be a life-threatening illness, which is what life threw at me.

Regardless of the challenge, you may find yourself facing doubt, fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence.

And that’s why I wrote Stronger: 31 Inspirational Messages to Get You Through That Tough Time. I wrote this book as I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It was a tough, tough journey, and I faced fears, doubts, anxiety. But I found a way to get to the other side of all that emotionally, so I could focus on getting better and thriving — not to mention getting back to pursuing my hopes, goals, and dreams! I hope you’ll read Stronger and get the inspiration to find that you truly are stronger than what you may be facing. You have an amazing spirit that can see you through to the other side. I don’t tell you what I think. I tell you what I know. I’m so glad to be healthy, healed, and whole today, after my life’s biggest fight.